Monday, March 30, 2009

Miami Limo Services offer unprecedented Limo Choices for All Occasions

Limousine transportation, once a dream car for ordinary people, is a standard part of Miami nightlife and available in unprecedented varieties. A large number of car rental companies are offering an assortment of Limousines at very competitive rates due to the higher demand for limo services that have given rise to a large number of limo services in Miami. Your choice of type of Limousine to hire depends on type of occasion you are hiring the limousine for. There are several reasons to choose a particular type of limousine for rent. Everybody has his own needs and taste that determine his or her choice. Limousines come in different styles and models, so when shopping for a limo in Miami, you have more choices now than ever before. You can select vehicles such as Cadillac or Lincoln sedans, Ford Excursion, Hummer, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or limos. In fact, in picking, it actually depends upon the event and how many people who will ride with you in the limo. Typically, sedans can have room for 3 to 4, SUVs can have room for 7, and standard stretch limos can have room for 6 to 10. So, choose one that can go with your needs. If you need a vehicle that can have room for about 20 people, you can go with a limo bus. Here are a few guidelines that will be helpful for you to review prior to booking a limo in Miami:

1. You should know the seating arrangement. This will give you the idea of level of comfort of seating and maximum number of group members to take. Hummer limos in Miami contain the latest style as well as seating capacity for up to 18 passengers.

2. Read online reviews about the limousine operator or check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the limo operator you are contacting has a solid reputation. After confirming that the limo company has a good track record, its not necessary to shop more than two or three rental companies. Normally most of limousine rental companies have similar pricing structure. Just look for quality of service the company is offering and more importantly, the fleet of limos.

3. Hire from a company that offers the largest number of options so you can be sure to acquire the best limo choice for your occasion. Most of the established operators display their fleet of limos online and offer a number of stretch, SUV, and Limo Bus options.

4. Remember that it’s important that you tip the driver. Normally limo drivers depend on tips to a degree and tipping should be built in to your budget.

Most limousine companies in Miami can be found online where quotes can be acquired in real time as well as reservations. Whether you are booking your Miami limo service for a wedding, prom night, or a night on the town, Miami limo operators can help you choose the right limousine for your occasion.

Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Limo Types for Your Occasion in Miami

Any important occasion in your life can be made special with a limo. The style, luxury and comfort provided by a limo makes it a dream mode of transportation for many.

Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, prom or a romantic date or a San Francisco city tour, a limousine can make a whole lot of difference to your day making it an unforgettable one. As more and more people are hiring limos for commuting, a number of limo service providers have come up Miami, But before hiring a limo model from any reputed Miami Limousine rental company it is better to know about the various categories of limos to know exactly which model you want.

Traditional limousines:

Typically an extension of a regular four-door sedan, a traditional limo is modified to make it look more sophisticated and luxurious. The wheelbase and frame of the traditional limousines are extended much longer as compared to sedans in order to provide more legroom to the passengers on the forward-facing bench seat, Major amenities include TV, CD/DVD player, refrigerator and bar.

Stretch limousines:

These spacious and elegant limos have all the elements to grab the attention of the people at one go. With amenities such as TV, CD/DVD player, bar and refrigerator, the stretch limos come with a seating capacity of up to 15 passengers.

These limos are longer than other kinds of limo with seats arranged alongside the length of the car so that people can sit facing each other. The most popular stretch limos are Hummer H2, Mercedes-Benz S Class, Volkswagen, Lincoln Navigator, Lexus, Corvettes and Ford Excursion

Exotic limousines:

These limos are the ultimate in luxury and can be customized according to the needs of the passengers. Along with fully-loaded bar and disco lights, an exotic limo also includes facilities such as an operational hot tub, bullet proof glass, and soundproof sliding glass window partition separating the driver and the passengers and even a mini bedroom for ultimate comfort.

The high-end limos that can be changed into exotic limos include models such as Hummer H2, Jaguar, Infiniti, Cadillac DTS, Bentley, Chrysler, Audi, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Excursion, Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce and many more. All these models are very popular one and can be hired from any reputed New York, Oakland or San Francisco Limousine rental company.

Party bus:

If you are part of a large group of people on a tour, say a night out in San Francisco and the Bay Area, the ideal way to go about it is to hire a limousine party bus. A party bus can carry from 10 to 50 passengers in ultimate style and luxury. Usually a party bus is designed for larger groups of people and is equipped with comfortable seats, fully loaded in-built bars, and remote controlled large windows for better view, surround sound systems, plasma televisions, DVD player, disco lights, and also smoke machines. Many party buses allow smoking and drinking on board.

So, book a great limo and enjoy your ride in Miami!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What you need to know before hiring a Miami Limo Service

Hiring a Miami limousine service for your event is a popular trend. From weddings to corporate events, limos are now a standard form of transportation. With the integration of limousine services into our lives, the emergence of the limousine industry has created a multitude of options. When hiring a limo company, it is prudent to have a checklist to determine which option is right for your occasion.

Important factors in finding the right limo for your occasion

Particularly in Miami, limousine companies are readily available. Typically, limo operator can advise you on what type of limo is right for your need, however, to you may want to plan your call before you get a quote with key details such as:

• What is your exact purpose of hiring a limo?
• What kind of limousine will serve your needs?
• What is your budget for renting a limousine?
• What is the duration for which you need to rent a limousine?
• What kind of facilities you want inside your targeted limousine?

Call more than one limousine service even if it sounds like a great deal. Typically, limo companies can be found using a quick search on Google. If they are listed on the first page of Google, it’s likely that they have and established business as it does take time, money, effort to promote their online image.

Some limousine rental companies are specialized in a particular type of service or have a limited number of limo types. In some cases, limo company operators may steer prospective customers the wrong limo because a more appropriate limo my not be in their fleet. Try to find a limo company with a web site that displays their various limo types so you can have better assurance of the quality of your consultation. Modern limousines should offer a variety of options from mini dance floors, to full bars, to seating room for 15 or more, and luxury sitting arrangements you and your friends can enjoy the party to the maximum possible level. Hummer limos in Miami now exemplify luxury.

Planning your limousine booking is important. Early planning will assure that you get your limo of choice at the right price. Planning your limo hire may require some time, but it often pays off.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miami – Partying in style in The Limo Capital of the World

The Miami limousine industry has grown dramatically over the years and so has the selection of limousine types. More than ever before, you have choices with you limousine to fit for every occasion and need. If you’re interested in Miami limos, there is a huge variety of exotic stretch limousines to pick from. Limos can now be selected for all occasions with many different seating capacities and styles. For the wedding party you could book the Classic Stretch Lincoln or the Ford Excursion Stretch limo. The stretch limousine is the way to travel in style or celebrate a special occasion. Modern but now classic stretch limos are equipped with all the finest amenities - the SUV stretch limo is a statement of luxury.

When you are planning to hire a limo, whether it is a regular one or a super stretch Limo, it will always pay off to research in depth all the possibilities available.. With music to bars and a comfortable ride, you will enjoy every minute of your party in Miami with stretch limos, hummer limos, and special occasion limos. Stretch limo seating layout allows any one person to have quality conversation with up to nine others and provides the basis for excellent group interaction or networking, within the confines of an extremely relaxing and enjoyable environment


If you’re interested in renting a stretch Limo in Miami, there are many exotic stretch limousines to pick from. Seating up to 14 passengers the ultimate in style and luxury these are the hottest stretches out right now. For a wedding party, most limo companies recommend booking the Classic Stretch Lincoln or the Super Stretch Excursion. The stretch limousine is the way to travel in style or celebrate a special occasion. Equipped with all the finest amenities, the stretch limo is a statement of luxury.

The value from the many limo companies in Miami varies as does the price. Cheaper prices often mean older, smaller limos. Booking a limo is not always about price, it's about the cars and the service, yes you will pay more for more modern limos, but you will get better cars, better chauffeurs, and style. According to Alex Henriquez, owner of A2Z Limousine, “most established limo companies in Miami now offer a complete variety of limousines from Ford Excursion stretch limos to mini buses. Seating configurations on new limousines reflect various needs for seating conducive to conversation, business transportation, and partying”.

There are several other common seating configurations you will find in most modern limousines. Commonly limos will come with J-shaped seating which runs down one side of the vehicle and usually across the back in the Lincoln Town Car, Grand Mercury Marquis, Lincoln Tuxedo, Fleetwood Cadillac and SUV limousines such as Hummers. Some large SUV limos actually include an enclosed fireplace. Most limos now have seating for at least eight passengers, with a sound system, bar area, and custom lighting. Some limos are now accompanied with flat screen tv’s such as the Lincoln Stretch Limo featured by A2Z Limousine in Miami, FL.

Hummer Limos are all the rage. The H2 Hummer Limousine is one of the most sought after SUV's for stretch limousine purposes. From its tough military background the H2 hummer limousine oozes strength and power yet is also stylish and elegant. The H2 Hummer limo along with the smaller H3 Hummer limo is one of the most popular stretch limos to used to party in Miami. Packed with all the gadgets and always covered in lavish luxury interior, stretch Hummer limousines come in all kinds of colors including pink, black, white, silver, gold and even yellow and orange and are always well presented. The Hummer limo is often booked for stag nights, hen nights, prom nights and weddings or just a fun night on the town.

The Hummer limousine continues to be the biggest player in the game. So if you want to hire a hummer limousine for your school prom book early as soon as your school prom dates are confirmed. When was the last time you were able to stand up, move around and dance in a Hummer or Excursion or Lincoln limousine. If you are looking for a Hummer limousine to rent in Miami Florida, your choices for Hummer limos are abundant.

When coming to Miami, booking a limo is not always about price, it's about the cars and the service, yes you may pay more for style but you will get better cars, better chauffeurs, style and size. Limo company operators in Miami have no shortage of choices and continue to remain the world’s preferred place to book the latest luxury limo with style.